It is very difficult to identify the presence of asbestos only looking at it. As we know, certain building structures that built before the late 1980s may contain asbestos. The only way to make sure that take a sample of the material and sent it to a laboratory for analyzed.

Asbestos Safety

Here are two types of materials that were used in residential construction that contains asbestos, Bonded asbestos or non-friable asbestos, Loosely-bound asbestos or friable asbestos. Asbestos can be found in many different parts of homes, bathroom, toilet and laundry, living areas, kitchen, exterior, backyard, vehicles, commercial or industrial buildings.

If you suspicious that in your home may contain unreleased asbestos fiber and it’s in good condition, just leave the materials alone. Try to avoid handling and brushing against anything that may contain asbestos, and check the area frequently to make sure there are no breakages in it.

If you consider the area of your home may contain asbestos in any form of damage that might be release fibers, you need to have the area checked by a professional. Contact a professional asbestos removal Port Macquarie contractor to take a sample, and make safety precautions before the sample is carried out to make sure you are not exposed to fibers from the sample area.

When you found a damaged area with asbestos in it, and while you’re waiting for a professional, several steps you can take to protect yourself and the environment. You should avoid the area where the asbestos materials are located. Whenever possible avoid activity in that area and try not to disturb the damaged material. Never attempt to sweep or vacuum an area that you suspect may contain asbestos materials. Don’t perform any activity in the contaminated area of asbestos before the professional deals with the problem.


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